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Name:Jason Walsh
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Det. Walsh: Here's the difference between you and me. You think people shouldn't keep secrets. I think we are our secrets.
Det. Shraeger: I have secrets.
Det. Walsh: The vibrator in your bedside table is not a secret.

Walsh is mourning the death of his partner Kowalski all while dealing with people saying he was a dirty cop. He's saddled with a new partner, Casey Shraeger who was brought out of Vice to find out who is dirty. Walsh and Shraeger find a private life that included being Big Brother to several former criminals whom he had arrested. Kowalski had been trying to get them back on their feet.

Walsh believes we are our secrets. Likes a girl with secrets, because how can you trust someone without any? Or so he says.

Det. Walsh: Wait, are you... are you apologizing for being human? Is that what you're doing?
Det. Beaumont: No, I...
Det. Walsh: Because I got news for you. If I wanted shallow and uncomplicated, I'd date that newscaster again. I like girls with secrets. I like girls who lie. How can you trust someone who doesn't have secrets? Hmm?

[Muse and mun over 18. This is just for fun.]
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